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Use the Above Links to navigate to ways you can get involved in racing here at Jackson Speedway!  Below is a list of the links and how you can get involved in racing with your friends and family!

How To Begin - Use this link to get a description of the different kinds of Karts and cars that race at Jackson Speedway.  You can learn about the different classes and find basic information on the type of racing kart or car that best

Endurance Series - The Endurance Challenge series happens once a month starting in June for a total of four races. Each race consists of teams of two or more people with races in lengths of up to 500 laps. Each team must change drivers a minimum of 8 times during the race and the top 3 are awarded with trophies. Points are accumulated throughout the 4 races and the winner of the points series gets free entry into next years series.  This is a great way a set of people can get into racing using our karts and equipment thus keeping the cost low. No experience is necessary! just a will to race and have some fun! Call us for information at 517-787-6100.

Arrive and Drive - The Arrive and drive series allows a person the thrill of racing without the cost of owning and maintaining there own kart.  Use our karts and equipment and come out for 2 practices, 2 heat races and a feature race!  Top three are awarded trophies.  Get your group of friends together and compete against each other and other drivers or just come out by yourself!  This is a great way to experience racing before making the commitment of owning a race car.

YouTube Videos - Check out these video high lights of racing at Jackson Speedway! Here you can see the action before trying it for yourself.  See the Ice race, Arrive and Drive, Endurance Challenge races and other race videos being held here at Jackson Speedway!





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