Thirty weeks a year between April and October, Jackson Speedway is open seven days a week attracting over 100 racers and crew members and more than 500 spectators per race weekend and hundreds throughout the week for our corporate and private parties. We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2019 season.
We can tailor a Sponsor Package that would be just right for your company. These great options are available:
Sponsor a Racing Class:
Your Sponsorship of a Racing Class will be tailored to your needs. Here are a few of the options:
 Titled sponsor of the mini sprint, mini cup or kart racing for the season
  4’X8’ billboards
  Display areas for your products:
     o   Hill facing US 127 – 51,402 impressions (traffic count) daily
     o   Company information on message board (facing US 127) all week
     o   Area around office and garage
     o   Behind spectator bleachers
  Corporate team building party
  General Admission race tickets to Friday/Saturday racing
  Corporate logo on Jackson Speedway website with link to your website
  PA announcements throughout the race season during Friday and Saturday races
Race fans are the most sponsor loyal fans of all sports.  You can capture that audience with a trackside billboard for the entire 2019 season for just $500.
Jackson Speedway offers a variety of locations around the track and grandstands for your company’s billboard. All billboards will be 4’ by 8’ and customized with your logo and message. We also have limited locations for 16' x 4' billboards that face US 127.
Special Race Opportunities:
Jackson Speedway hosts several special races each season, including our popular 2 Day Races and October Fest.
Your company will receive exposure to not only our racers and fans, but throughout the lower Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana markets.
Category Sponsorships:
As a Category Sponsor your company will be the only one in your category. This is a one year sponsorship valued at over $13,000!
Ask us about a sponsorship that is right for you!9

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